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Insonic is the psytrance solo project of Mario Cezzare Angelicola Chiodi (Italian-Brazilian), born in August 10, 1979.
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Gotten passionate for music since child, when he used to sing in a Punk's band . Later, in 1994, it knew music electronic, starting to mix jungle at the night clubs.

Out of action for some years, MCezzare had his first contact with the Psytrance in 2000, it was love at first sight.

Meet the Trance was reason enough for Mario, with the help of DJ's Voide (Fuzzy Project) and Aharon (Israzil), knew the CDJ's and so soon it started to perceive that this would come to be part of its life.

In 2001 already with his home studio, and with the help of producers Enzio (Mad Hatters), Chico (Killer Buds / Insect Seeker), Leonardo (Cosmonet), Daniel (Mad Hattters) and Marcelo (Red Sun) went on to play with quite some acceptance of her productions, in dancefloors wherever he went, which ended up yielding a large number of parties and enough notoriety to the artist.

The search for quality and new perspectives coupled with vast experience in many avenues through which he passed as a resident of the nucleo and PSY TRANCESP Privet, in October 2004 resulted in the creation of INSONIC project aiming to bring some innovations to the Brazilian scene of Psytrance : Accelerated basslines and melodies are the main features of this project, which has influences of artists such as Shanti, D-Tek, Ion, Gms, Atomic Pulse, Cyber Cartel, Space Buddha, Cosmonet, Mad Hatters, Killer Buds, Spectrum, Infected Mushroom, Xerox, Yahel, Altamira, Polaris, MSG, Red Sun, Alternative Control, Astral Projection, Protoculture, among others.

Since its launch in September 2006, the project has received many compliments at parties where she performed and good comments about their tracks, which present a mature design and current, which refers to the heyday of Goa Trance without forgetting the High Tech and Futurist characteristic Psytrance of today.

The Start of the project INSONIC had absolute success in festivals such as:
Sizoga Festival, Day Dream, TranceSP, Space Trance, Just, Tantra, Alien Trip, Trip Psycho, having played alongside renowned artists such as GMS, X-Noise, Black & White, Digital Tribe, Skulptor, Audio-X, Mad Hatters, Red Sun, Vibra, Lifestyle, 2HI, Killer Buds, Hyperceptiom, Insect Seeker, Space Wagon, Xtatic, Spectical, NOS, Energetic, Stereo FX, The Cannibal Barbecue, Tropical HighLight, U-Turn, System Overload, Midi Space Demonizz, Minoide, Fuzzy Project, Empulse, GroovyTech, Act Sense, among others.

In September 2007 added the Casting of Planet BEN Records.

And since then, has participated in compilations on Big labels like Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Metropolis Records, and more surprises to come.

On May 7, 2010 after the success of songs like X Vision, Madshaltomtek, and others in the novels of prime-time Record ® Network Television, "Chamas da Vida" (whose theme is youth and electronic music, ending in a great Rave) and "Beauty and The Ugly," decided to release his 1st solo EP Visionary on Metropolis Project Recs.

After a long and dedicated effort to improve his techniques and musical knowledge, searching for new timbres and writing melodies that surprised and touched the heart of the audience, he focused on the release on his second solo album "Take You Higher", released independently on December 2016 by FreshTunes and have been receiving various accolades, especially with the song "Unnecessary Noise".
More on mission accomplished :)

Mario Cezzare has been working hard on improving their techniques, looking for new influences that seek to surprise the audience of intense and remarkable, and concentrate on the next studio album's release, which also brings memorable remixes, and promises to raise vibration beyond the dancefloors to higher levels, and light in the conscience and heart of the people

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